Sale and consumption of alcohol banned.

✍ sudarshan sharma    2 months ago


The Puchaundi municipality and Dilasaini rural municipality in the district has imposed a ban on the consumption and marketing of alcohol. A decision to this end was taken by the alcohol control committee citing the various problems that alcoholism has invited to the society at large.




The commission has also decided to impose a fine of Rs. 10,000 against anyone involved in the marketing of liquor in violation of this decision, according to local resident Arjun Luhar.Furthermore, anyone found consuming or transporting alcohol will be fine Rs. 5,000.


The decision was taken as alcoholism led to a rise in various kinds of violence in the society, said the committee’s member Rajendra Dhami. Likewise, gambling has also been banned in ward no. 7 of Dilasaini rural municipality.

The youths affiliated to Betaleswar youth club took the initiative to ban alcohol and gambling in the society, said ward member Laxman Bahadur Aiyer. Anyone hosting gambling will be fined Rs. 1,500 and those gambling Rs. 1,000.